Etched Glass

Barron Glass manufacture a range of traditional Victorian etched glass patterns, many faithfully reproduced from original 19th century designs. The method of producing “etch” enamel glass was developed and patented in 1805 by John Davenport. In 1988, Barron Glass set out to revive this process of decorating sheet glass. This involved developing a technique of kiln firing the glass which enabled large sheets of glass to be decorated. Importantly, this unique process maintained the flatness of the glass whilst applying high levels of colour consistency.

Etched Glass designs
etched glass door panels and window panes

The colour reproduction on this website may not be accurate. We are happy to send out samples, should you require.

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Etched Glass Range

The traditional range includes ten etched glass patterns, some of which contain one or more coloured enamels.  Pattterns such as Star and Gothic are available in standard transparency or fully opaque (laminate only).  The Double Fleur pattern is fully opaque as standard.  Additionally the range includes a number of single feature designs which are available in a variety of dimensions to suit most glazing applications.  All glass can be supplied as a double glazed unit.  We do not recommend that our glass be toughened which is why we also offer all patterns in 5mm and 7mm laminated safety glass.

Etched Glass Designs

Etched glass patterns available in sheets up to 1120 mm x 2140 mm, or can be cut to the exact size required. 


Victorian Glass Panels

For windows and doors. Available in a variety of dimensions to suit different size glass panels.  Clear design on an etch background.