These designs are available in a variety of dimensions to suit different size glass panels. The design is in clear on an etch background.

Etched glass door panels and window panes

Product Information

The Regent Design is produced in various configurations to suit different sized glass panels. If there is no suitable standard size then we can sand-blast a bespoke Regent to suit your specific requirement, adopting the design to fit the glass. We can also sand-blast a border of your choice onto a Regent design. All Regent designs are copyright M Barron 1989. The Vase designs are based on a door panel design of the 1860s.  The Vase C design can be sand-blasted to your own specific size, permitting it to be used in larger doors or windows. 

Regent A Etched Glass Door Panel

Regent A

Most typically the right option for a 2 pane door. © M Barron 1989

Regent B Etched Glass Door Panel

Regent B

Often used in the centre of 9 pane doors. © M Barron 1989.                        

Regent C Etched Glass Panel for Windows or Doors


The largest standard option. © M Barron 1989

Regent D Etched Glass panel for Windows or Doors

Regent D

For smaller doors or windows. © M Barron 1989

Vase A Etched Glass Door Panel

Vase A

Will accommodate smaller size glass panels.

Vase B Etched Glass Door Panel

Vase B

For a window or larger door.

Vase C Etched Glass Door Panel

Vase C

For larger windows and doors.

Sandblasted Glass Fanlight with House Name or Number

Sandblasted Glass Fanlight

With your choice of house name or house number.