Decorative Glass

Barron Glass supply a range of decorative glass to enhance your period or contemporary property


Starburst glass corner square
Arched Window glass

The colour reproduction on this website may not be accurate. We are happy to send out samples, should you require.

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Borders, Corners, Solid Colours and Sandblasted

A selection of decorative ‘etch’ or coloured borders and corners are available to suit the traditional nine pane door and bordered windows.  Four 'solid' colours are also available in traditional jewel colours – amber, ruby, cobalt and emerald.  Corners squares are either brilliant cut (by hand) or printed in a choice of colours and sizes.  The process of sand-blasting the glass allows us to add a decorative border to glass, to encorporate house names and numbers or, in some cases, to match original bespoke pieces.  

Glass Borders

Decorative borders for windows or doors


Glass Corners

Brilliant cut starburst and printed corners


Solid Colours

In traditional jewel shades.


Sandblasted Glass

Bespoke sandblasted glass: house names, numbers, decoratives borders